Guided Tastings: What Does That Mean?

You’ve seen it here on my website and in the ads that may have directed you here: Guided Tastings.  In Home Tastings.  Q&A Sessions.  Sounds cool, but maybe abstract as a concept since there aren’t a ton of people offering these.  So, here’s an explanation for an in-home, guided tasting, provided by Jeremy Bruner, Certified Cicerone®.

My job is first and foremost to be an educator, so a guided tasting is an opportunity for me to teach, and for you, the customer, to learn as much about beer as possible in the window of time we arrange.  In the typical tasting session, which runs about two hours, I will guide you and your friends through several different beers and, simply put, help you learn more about them.  These can be a variety of different styles, from several different countries, all by the same brewery, or multiple examples of a style you already know and love; it’s really up to YOU what it will be.  You can try 10 two-ounce samples, or 4 eight-ounce samples, or even go deep on a single beer.  Again, it’s up to YOU.

While you’re tasting, I’ll be teaching you how to evaluate and talk about beer, so that you can apply what you learn to your own sampling later on, and know what to look for when you order a beer next time you’re out.   We’ll talk about the history of the style and its common characteristics, how it’s made, why it’s famous, what kind of food it pairs best with, as well as about the breweries that make it and the specific beers in hand.  And of course, any questions you have, I will answer—many times that’s the most interesting part of the night, when even the teacher might learn something new!

Pricing on these events is typically on a per person basis, which decreases based on the number of people in your group.  I provide the glassware and any other supplies needed to enjoy the tasting.  If you’re coordinating with dinner/snacks, I can help you select the best accompaniments for the cuisine involved.  Note that the customer is responsible for purchasing the beer via direct reimbursement (I will purchase the beer, you’ll pay me back at direct cost), in addition to the tasting charge for my services.  I can work with you to make this happen at just about any budget, so please contact me to discuss specifics, and/or if you have questions that aren’t answered here.  My fees for a two-hour session start at $100 for a small group, less than your total tabs at the bar on an average Friday night!

Contact me through the website, at, or call/text 501-932-7777 for more information!