Podcast: Black Dude White Dude 01/15/17

A couple of long-time friends of mine, Todd Cate and Leo Cummings III, started a podcast about a year ago called Black Dude White Dude, and I have to say they have a really cool dynamic.  It doesn't hurt that they actually are my friends, but listening to them sounds like sitting around with buddies and talking about, well, whatever the discussion brings your way.  

They were kind enough to invite me on last week to discuss beer, Infinite Bruner, and various aspects of the beer scene.  As a bonus, I also got to talk about two of my other favorite things: Hamilton and the Chicago Cubs.

Please, please check these guys out, and check out this special episode featuring yours truly.  Set aside some time, we go for awhile!  Link below, or search for Black Dude White Dude on iTunes:


JAB - 1/18/17