25 Beers of Christmas: #22

Maui Coconut Porter

American Porter

6.00% ABV

Maui Brewing Co. – Kihei, HI

There are so many things that I absolutely love about Maui Brewing’s Coconut Porter, including that such a complex, flavorful beer can be such an easy drinker.  I spent a lot of time working in Hawaii from 2006-2008, when Maui Brewing was relatively new (founded in 2005), and as far as I recall I never sampled their wares while I was there.  How disappointed I was to later realize how much I enjoy their beer! 

The Coconut Porter is massively carbonated, perhaps overly so, which I actually find endearing, as it creates a fantastic, creamy mouthfeel, and contributes some dryness to counter the sweetness up front.  As indicated, coconut is a major component of the aroma and flavor profile, along with vanilla and milk chocolate.  There’s also some herbal, Continental-type hops hiding in the back.  Despite everything going on, this drinks pretty light and is not overly filling.  And at a (relatively) low ABV of 6.0%, you can indulge in a few without any major issues. 

A lot of different glass types will do just fine with this beer.  I’ve used a tulip glass, English dimpled pint, and nonic pint at various times for it.  It just needs to be big enough to hold a decent amount of beer along with the massive amount of foam that will come with it.  And of course, pour slowly and carefully, or you’ll have a frothy mess on the counter.

Maui Coconut Porter will pair well with anything that’s been roasted and charred but also has a bit of sweetness, like seared scallops, grilled shrimp, steaks and simple hamburgers. Mexican dishes that have a mole sauce will also match up with the porter, as will lighter chocolate desserts like chocolate chip cookies.

As of today, Maui Brewing is only available in 15 states, mostly on the West coast, but they have ventured into Texas and, interestingly, Virginia and Florida.  I tend to have my Dallas family bring me a six-pack or two when they head this way.  The Coconut Porter should be available anywhere Maui’s beers are sold.

Maui has a few other popular beers in its portfolio, including the Big Swell IPA, Mana Wheat, and Bikini Blonde Lager.  But for my money, Coconut Porter is their masterpiece.

JAB - 12/4/15