25 Beers of Christmas: #7

Moody Brews – Sixes and Sevens

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

10.0% ABV

Moody Brews – Little Rock, AR


The second local option in our countdown is a beer I truly fell in love with at first taste, Moody Brews Sixes and Sevens.  At its heart, this dark, delicious beauty is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale, but drinks like a dubbel with elements of British porters and bitters at play as well, making for a unique entry in Central Arkansas market.

Sixes and Sevens pours a dense mahogany, but is the color of red grape juice where the light passes through, with a half-inch of dark tan foamy head.  The aromas are cherry cola and some syrupy fruit, mild chocolate and light toast, along with some earthy hops and slightly spicy yeast notes.  The flavor profile turns things around, with milk chocolate and baking chocolate, a touch of dark fruit, cherries and plums, toast and cola.  Light peppery spice from the yeast, with little hop flavor or bitterness on the back end.  This beer is richly carbonated and full-bodied, giving it an almost-fluffy mouthfeel, and it’s sweet without being cloying, thanks to the carbonation cutting through.  And even though it’s 10+% ABV, you’d never know it (much to your detriment, I think.)  My initial review was that this is “Everything great about porter, Belgian beers, and chocolate dessert rolled into one, the best Arkansas-based beer I’ve had.” 

Pour this beer into a tulip, snifter, chalice, or goblet, at about 50 degrees.  Braised short ribs, country-style (not BBQ) ribs, simple steaks and hamburgers, and balsamic based dishes will go great with it.

Moody Brews is still in its early phases, only producing beers under that label for a little over a year now.  As such, I have only seen it in Arkansas, and primarily on tap, though Sixes and Sevens is bottled.  Moody’s other bottled beer is Half Seas Over, a tropical-inspired Imperial IPA.  I have heard about, but not tried, their Earl Grey Tea-inspired ESB and Belgian saisons.  All would definitely be worth checking out if you come across them.

JAB – 12/19/15